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Aww I Lick You Too. by LorenzoFlowers

I would say that for blush, you should darken the part of his cheeks. Also, since its a girl, She should wear something to hide the boo...

It is! If you really don't want to talk to someone, you pretend to do something else so look away or look forward or pretend you don't see them. Now I know there's a difference of being lost and totally blind-sighting people but, to purposely deny their existence because its inconvenient is pretty insincere.  I get we all have our people whom we would love to decrease the chances of seeing but, if you're a Christian like myself, you HAVE to love people.  Love works so much better. Your preference should not; NEVER, overshadow God's plan for love. As an ambassador of Christ, you most likely WILL encounter 'fake' or dishonest people.

However, should you let it slide?  Well, all I can say is leave it to God.  If that person has God, as an fellow sibling under God, you have the right to acknowledge that wrong. But, if the person is a person of the world, you can't blame that person for their nature against God. You can only guide them to Him and if they don't want Him, 'okay' 'alright', and kindly back away.  Down link or yoke yourselves with poisonous people. Being fake is easy. Being a Christian; being loving no matter what, being a child of God and show righteousness in an unrighteous world is hard.

Being Fake is Easy.  Walk that Narrow Road.  Walk as a Christan.


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Donnell Aaron Oultaw
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello, I draw Japanese-Styled cartoon characters and interesting background. -Not ONLY that but, I am currently drawing a comic. YEAH, a comic! :) I hope to get all of it on the net when I get a scanner.
Starter Site:…

With that, I think that's one of my goals in life. To be a Professional Cartoonist. By the way, My name's Donnell Outlaw (Yes, 'Outlaw' Hence the Username 'No-Gunz-Outlaw') and I'm something slight of a pacifist and that's one big reason why I totally LOVE Christianity. He promoted peace and love for one's neighbor.

With my beliefs on God via Jesus and stuff, I like to draw. :P Btw, I'm something of a rambler when you get to know me. Its something I'm working on.

Just like many artists, I try my best not to draw like others and thus I try to be original. However, I do take interest in concepts and different aspects animations or drawings. (Pretty much take things from other animations. If you're an manga fan then you may find some stuff here and there. Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto manga is a big inspiration in scenery) I find them great inspirations.

I like action games and I don't have much patience to turn-based RPGs like Final Fantasy like I used to. I want to draw things that not only are full of imagination and wonders but I'd like to put a bit of me into all of my work. I'm sure many artists do so and thus you see pieces of the artist within their art in a simplistic and complex sense.

I am a Christian as I mentioned before and I try to do Christian Practices. The biggest thing that the Bible says is to Love your Neighbor as yourself and so, I want to Love my neighbor as I would myself and try to spread the Word of God in a loving way. (Still working on evangelism-spreading the gospel or 'good news'. People are scary. T_T; >_>;)

My goal in being a artist is to not only spread God and his word in my art but, express different aspects of the Bible in a somewhat subliminal sense. Like personify the Purity struggle in metaphorical ways like the tug-of-war of the heart. (You're on one side while the Holy spirit is on the other)

Anyhoo, I hope that you, the viewer, enjoy my artwork and maybe some feedback because I am not the best and even the best need help.

I'm on Facebook, Twitter (at times), Christian Mingle, (lol) ......uhh uh Deviant Art........and I post sometimes on :D I'm 60% Social! :)

Thank you for viewing my page and God Bless you. :D

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